What Is The Purpose Of A Networking Event?

If you’re looking for a way to get your business out there in the market, all the while gaining partners and maintaining relationships with other businesses then networking events are the perfect go-to for you!


Business networking is the best way to get your profile out there and make a name for yourself. Whether you’re a sole worker or a part of a huge company, networking is the only way you can gain a good reputation among like businesses.


Luxe by Minihaha & Co. works as an amazing business event planner in Leeds by providing exclusive networking events that are held at various intervals in the year to bring together female entrepreneurs from all over the UK. 


It is said that your connections are your biggest assets. Networking events act as a great way of promoting one’s business among similar businesses that you can form a long-lasting bond with. Having connections in the market can get you quite a lot of benefits in the future.


If you’re looking to build your business into a huge empire, then networking can help you achieve that. Get to know many other business owners that you can work together to make your dreams come true.


To get these events arranged and planned perfectly to gain presence among other businesses, you would require a Leeds event planner. And what better service out there to approach than Luxe? 


Luxe by Minihaha & Co. can help host networking events for people from a wide range of industries to network, give an overview of their businesses, share their best practices, and above all motivate and empower each other.


Packed with an amazing venue with fine-dining experience, Luxe can ensure a splendid networking event where you can achieve all your goals, all the while having a lavish experience. So book us now to plan a networking event that can help you broaden your reach.



5 Reasons You Should Invest In A New Website Design

In the online market, your website is the representation of your brand. An up-to-date and gorgeous website is what would surely attract customers and expand your reach. But is your website design bringing you the customers you deserve? If not, then you should consider contacting a professional website designer in Leeds.


We all know that the first impression is the last impression. Your website’s landing page needs to be attractive enough to capture the attention of the audience in a millisecond. That’s how you’ll score potential customers and gain a broader reach. Luxe by Minihaha & Co. with its website design services ensures that your web design is perfect and can get you a large number of viewers!


A good online website is a perfect portal for you to interact with your customers. Physical feedback forms and letters are too outdated for this age. To get the proper feedback and to promote your products and services, good website design with correct functions is a huge necessity. 


Do you have a competitor? Is their website better than yours? Fear not because you’ll surely surpass them soon enough if you have the best website designer in Yorkshire by your side! Luxe guarantees quality and good impression with its professional website designs that are sure to impress the masses.


As we said above, a website is your brand’s representation online. Having a good website would show your enthusiasm and zeal to work hard in order to provide the perfect services to your customers. Believe it or not, customers are quite attracted by the brand’s presence online. Good graphics and layouts are heart winners.


Ever heard of mobile-responsiveness? Isn’t it annoying when you view a website and it doesn’t adjust to your screen? Well, this can be a huge factor that might be pushing potential customers away from your website. Having a responsive website can make it easier for customers to navigate through your services. Thus Luxe can be your immediate go-to if you need web design services in Leeds.


Having a new and updated website design from time to time is a huge requirement for a business that is trying to get to the top in this ever so competitive business world. If you too require such services then contact Luxe by Minihaha & Co. now because they surely have some of the best website designers in Leeds!

10 Reasons You Should Invest In A Brand Designer
luxury business branding

Once you're out there in the business world, ready to invest your time and money into a better outcome for your brand, the first step you should be taking is to get yourself your very own branding designer

Having your own branding can help identify you and give you a unique identity among thousands of other businesses. For this purpose, you should most definitely look up a branding designer in Leeds who can adjust with you and your style. Luxe by Minihaha & Co. does exactly that by offering a multitude of services regarding designing that are sure to impress you.

But first, let’s go through the reasons why you should invest in a brand designer.

Business is all about recognition, and your very own distinct branding can get your business the recognition it deserves, all the while giving you a sense of ownership and legitimate quality. That's why you should get in touch with us as your branding agency in Leeds, to get yourself that luxury design.

It's quite obvious in the world of today that people trust the brand and it’s look and feel more than what the brand is actually offering. Your brand design is also responsible for the reflection of the values your business holds. Luxe by Minihaha & Co. offers it’s brand design services to businesses looking to elevate to a luxury brand.

Having your very own branding design helps you save money too! How? You wouldn't have to launch a campaign after campaign to keep people reminded of your product. They'd immediately recognize it through your logo and branding. And this way, you'll also have enough confidence to tell people that you're the brand they should choose. 

Branding design services also ensure that your design is eye-catching and piques curiosity in your target audience. These services will also make sure that your brand image gives your brand a longer lifetime, with amazing sales, all thanks to its visual identity!

Now that we've convinced you of all the amazing benefits of getting your own brand design, go ahead and contact Luxe by Minihaha & Co. now to elevate your brand to a luxury status.

The graphic designers at Luxe excel at creating a distinct identity for a product or service-based business, encompassing the entire image of the business in that one logo. Offering designs for visual identity (e.g. logos), corporate identity, products, websites, packaging, physical environments, printed marketing material & social media collateral, etc. Luxe surely does not disappoint when it comes to variety! 

Be sure to get in touch with us as soon as possible to get that one branding design that will boost your business in no time!

Why networking is important for small businesses.
networking dinner

If you’re a fresh startup that has recently gotten out in the market, or maybe if you’re one of those small businesses in Leeds looking for means to reach the top then, networking is your answer! 


Branching out and meeting new businesses and people has its perks, it helps you make connections, get referrals and grow overall as a business. But networking doesn’t take place by you just sitting around idly! You need to get out for that and attend networking events, to be precise.


Business networking has many advantages. It can be considered as a door to unlimited connections out there in the world, which can both be influential and useful. It can also help boost your confidence and keep you updated with the current trends. Need some cash to boost your business? Networking can help you with that! There are many business events in Leeds that you can attend to mingle with investors and find possible people to collaborate with as well!

Girl boss networking event in Leeds


The best way to meet possible business partners, clients, investors alike is through business networking events. There are multiple business events in Leeds, hosted monthly for more exposure and mingling. These events allow for small businesses in Yorkshire to make contacts and get referrals. Referrals can help you increase your legitimacy and get you tons of possible clients! 


I recently launched high-end networking dinner events in Leeds at the beautiful Dakota Deluxe Leeds. I wanted the networking events to be different to the standard events that make you wear tags; I wanted them to be classy, stylish and intimate. Let us help you start the process of networking and growing by contacting our event planning team at events@luxebyminihaha.co.uk to RSVP and reserve a seat at the table! Our networking events would surely help you make the extremely needed connections and find the right audience for your business so get started with this amazing process now to work your way up to the top!


Female bosses networking in Leeds.